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Finding a therapist can be an overwhelming experience.

Below you'll find a list of additional resources intended to help you make the best choice for YOU.


Christine Anderson, LMFT - Larchmont

Chris Avitabile, LMFT - Miracle Mile

Bree Callaham, LMFT - West Hollywood

Camille Campbell, LMFT - Beverly Grove

Kate Clark, LMFT, Beverly Grove

Jamie DeWitt, LMFT - Larchmont

Lynn Easley, Jungian Analyst - Hancock Park

Ashley Graber, LMFT - Santa Monica

Julie Gustafson, LMFT - Echo Park

Maxine Hughes, LMFT - Beverly Grove

Andrea Vander Hyde, LMFT - Mid City

Giselle Jones, LCSW - Franklin Hills

Crystal Kennedy, AMFT - Eagle Rock

Sara Kenney, LCSW, Larchmont

Chanda Lam, LMFT - Beverly Grove

Danielle Levanas, RDT/LCAT - Burbank

Michelle Liva, LMFT - Santa Monica

Dr. Lynne Meyer, PSYD - Beverly Hills

Lucy Rimalower, LMFT - West Hollywood

Jason Rizzo, LMFT - Atwater Village

Ezekiel Sulkes, LMFT - Encino & North Hollywood

Dr. Anne Thompson, PhD - Larchmont

Ted Williams, LMFT - Atwater Village

Kristina Ybarra, LMFT - Burbank

For more possibilities check out:

Psychology Today's Therapist Finder


The Institute for Girls Development - Pasadena

Village Counseling and Wellness - Burbank

Wesley Stahler, LMFT, RDT, ECMH - Atwater & In Home

Noelle Wittliff, LMFT - South Pasadena


(*Offer Sliding Scale Fees*)

Airport Marina Counseling Service - Westchester

Antioch University Counseling Center - Culver City

The Center for Professional Counseling - North Hollywood

Counseling West - Sherman Oaks

LGBT Center - Hollywood

The Maple Center - Beverly Hills

Open Paths Counseling Center - Culver City

Southern California Counseling Center - Mid-City, Watts, Koreatown

Valley Community Counseling Clinic - North Hollywood

Women's Clinic Counseling Center - West LA


*We're talking super AFFORDABLE therapy, people! To become a licensed clinician in the state of California, one must accrue 3,000 hours of experience and pass multiple licensing exams. It takes YEARS to earn these hours so clinics are incredible resources filled with amazing, passionate therapists. Another perk is: because there is a larger team available, they do their best to match you with the best therapist for you and your specific needs.

Lastly, feeling comfortable that your clinician is a good fit is everything. So I recommend popping on a consultation call with a couple of clinicians to ensure that ultimately whomever you decide to go with really feels like a good fit. Worth noting: I do not receive any form of compensation or kick back for these referrals - that would be both illegal and unethical. All of the information above is solely offered as a means of helping you to narrow down the sometimes overwhelming search for a new clinician. I cannot be held responsible for the therapists and/or treatment received as a result of these referrals.

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