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Maranda is a postmodern psychotherapist based in Los Angeles, CA  who utilizes a truly holistic approach to embodied mental
health and wellness. 


background & approach:


I approach us as whole entities (whole-istic / holistic) and assess from an emotional, biological, cultural, and spiritual stance. My approach is grounded and practical while also deeply philosophical, creative, playful, and collaborative. Expect me to be curious, open minded, and non-judgmental while honoring who YOU are, where you are, and what you are expressing you'd like to look at or work on.


My interest is obviously my client's mental health and "wellness," but what does this even mean? To me, this means beginning by centering you - by learning about what has been influential to you, what is working for you, what isn't, what you're stuck on or holding onto, what you're hoping to move through and toward...I am not going to be pushing my personal beliefs or biases on you or in your direction. Me doing my job well looks like: my clients blossoming into the most authentic, honest, and healthy versions of themselves. We all have such different backgrounds, values, wounds, passions, dreams, points of view...for these reasons and more - it is my stance that a one-size-fits-all model of healing and growth doesn't make sense. Further, me believing my way is the ONLY or "right" way would be delusional so my work tends to be quite fluid and individualized.


The dominant theoretical orientations I work from are:

existential, psychodynamic, transpersonal, narrative, feminist, and mindfulness-based.


My background & training includes:

Art: music, writing, acting, painting, and visual art

Movement: classical ballet, contemporary dance, and more generalized "fitness"

Spirituality: I’m a certified yoga and meditation teacher and hold a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with coursework emphasizing Spiritual & Depth Psychology


In addition to being a Psychotherapist/LMFT, I am also a certified Holistic Health Counselor. Utilizing a holistic approach means integrating multiple methodologies in assessing your “wellness.” This can look like conversations about your: diet/nutrition, movement and physical fitness, as well as spiritual and more diverse cultural and “lifestyle” considerations.

I work with my clients weekly in recurring, 50 minute time slots. In some cases, we may meet more frequently, but initially all clients are committing to weekly sessions. For questions regard my rates and availability, please reach out via the contact form below. For answers to more common questions please visit my FAQ page.

Outside of health and wellness I am passionate about art, nature, music, social justice & joy.




Things You Might Like to Discuss:






Sex / Sexuality

Existential Angst

Anxiety / "Nerves"

Grief / Death / Loss

Depression / The "Sads"

Trauma ("Big" & "Small")

Body Image / "Insecurity"

Consensual Non-Monogomy

Feeling Blocked / Stuck / Lost

Self Esteem / Self Confidence

Life Transitions / Life Changes

Finding & Aligning with YourSelf

Unresolved "Stuff" from Childhood

Meaning / Meaninglessness / Purpose

Self Sabotaging / Retraumatizing Patterns



If you're feeling like I may be a good fit for you,

reach out below to schedule a 10-15 minute consultation call.


Speak soon.




Thanks for reaching out! Maranda will get back to you within 48 hours.



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